Are We Nearing the End of the Line for Edible Ocean Fish?

Are We Nearing the End of the Line for Edible Ocean Fish?
Mark Karlin, Truthout: “On July 16, The New York Times editorialized that the world’s oceans are potentially on the verge of irreversible catastrophic collapse. Due to global warming and other factors, the marine ecosystems are being severely compromised. One of the factors contributing to the degradation of our oceans is massive, industrial, commercial overfishing. The Times cites a report that many species of fish are ‘either vulnerable to extinction, endangered or critically endangered.’ Journalist Charles Clover wrote the definitive book on overfishing, ‘The End of the Line: How Overfishing Is Changing the World and What We Eat.’ Truthout recently interviewed him.”



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One Response to Are We Nearing the End of the Line for Edible Ocean Fish?

  1. Savitrija Vaine says:

    Nu tad veiksmi tev, puisīt, jaunā vietā! Cerēsim, ka tu šo vietni tik ātri nesabojāsi. Un kaut ko labāk pratīsi – kādu domu, kas aizskars manu dvēseli, kādu sāpi, ko es pazīstu, kādu dzeju, kas netriviāla un patiesa, kādu dziesmu, kura manī jau tagad skan, un kādu bildi, kurā var redzēt to pasauli, pēc kuras mēs visi tik ļoti ilgojamies.


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