Chomsky explains one of the main reasons

But I think, myself, that there’s a more subtle reason why they’re opposed to it, and I think it’s rather similar to the reason for the effort to pretty much dismantle the public education system. Social Security is based on a principle. It’s based on the principle that you care about other people. You care whether the widow across town, a disabled widow, is going to be able to have food to eat. And that’s a notion you have to drive out of people’s heads. The idea of solidarity, sympathy, mutual support, that’s doctrinally dangerous. The preferred doctrines are just care about yourself, don’t care about anyone else. That’s a very good way to trap and control people. And the very idea that we’re in it together, that we care about each other, that we have responsibility for one another, that’s sort of frightening to those who want a society which is dominated by power, authority, wealth, in which people are passive and obedient. And I suspect—I don’t know how to measure it exactly, but I think that that’s a considerable part of the drive on the part of small, privileged sectors to undermine a very efficient, very effective system on which a large part of the population relies, actually relies more than ever, because wealth, personal wealth, was very much tied up in the housing market. That was people’s personal wealth. Well, OK, that, quite predictably, totally collapsed. People aren’t destitute by the standards of, say, slums in India or southern Africa, but very  many are suffering severely. And they have nothing else to rely on, but the pittance that they’re getting from Social Security. To take that away would be just disastrous.

Izskatās, ka materiālo labumu sadales polarizācija un cilvēku atsvešināšana turpināsies. Cilvēku atsvešināšanas paņēmieni: visārcilvēcisko vērtību pazaudēšana tā, ka paši cilvēki to neapzinās, izdzīvošanas apdraudēšana ar nabadzību, izglītības degradēšana, likvidējot izglītības sociālos un ekonomiskos veicinātājus. Daudzi domā un raksta, ka – līdz šīs sabiedrības bojāejai.

Izglītība un uz zināšanām balstīta domāšana pamazām kļūs par situētu sociālo grupu ļaužu priekšrocību, pārākuma apliecinātāju un daudzpusīgākas izklaides  nodrošinātāju. Par dziļu un vispārcilvēcisku izglītību šeit gan neiet runa.


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