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My unexpected experience.

I am quite an ordinary and unremarkable fellow, but please take the time to read my story below. I will share it all with you as best as I can describe it. Forgive me, but later on, words must fail … Continue reading

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Charter schools are creating a class based education system where the affluent will  have access to a good education and the poor get second rate religious schools, although the ultimate dream of the far right is a totally minimalist education … Continue reading

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No To Oligarchy

July 22, 2010 The American people are hurting. As a result of the greed, recklessness and illegal behavior on Wall Street, millions of Americans have lost their jobs, homes, life savings and their ability to get a higher education. Today, … Continue reading

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Our society

When people feel they’ve been ripped off and betrayed by their society they’re not likely to feel much loyalty to it or interest in upholding its values. Anne

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Bill Moyers and Bacevich explore the futility of “endless” wars and the rhetoric of American exceptionalism. An excellent interview with military historian, Andrew Bacevich on his latest book of essays, “The Short American Century: A Post-Mortem”. It can be viewed at the link above. There is also an excerpt of Bacevich’s book on the site.

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Mūsu mājas, valoda, gaita, izturēšanās un pat ārējais izskats ir mūsu iekšējās pasaules šifrēts (citā valodā pārtulkots) attēls. Brīžiem neticami kroplīgi un nereāli, bet daļa patiesības tur ir.

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Man the Religious Animal

Christian Smith, April 2012 Are human beings naturally religious? Should we take religion to be in some way an innate, instinctive, or otherwise inevitable aspect of human life? Or is religion a historically contingent, nonessential aspect of basic human being? … Continue reading

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Why Atheism Demands Social Justice

Greta Christina I’m going to go out on a limb here: being an atheist demands that we work for social justice. A lot of atheists will argue with this. They’ll say that atheism means one thing and one thing only: … Continue reading

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A.Priedītis: ‘Mentālā lavīna: piemēri un iemesli’ Lavīnas stihijai ir fatāls raksturs. Sastopoties ar lavīnu, šausmās sastinguši, mēs varam vienīgi gaidīt tās galu. Mēs instinktīvi saprotam, ka process ir neatturams. Mums nolaižas rokas pretoties un totāli zūd griba kaut ko pasākt, lai apturētu drausmīgo nogruvumu, kas … Continue reading

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What We Learned About Nuclear Safety from Fukushima

Reactors must be able to handle the worst if we hope to prevent a repeat of last year’s meltdowns. http://A year after Japan’s largest earthquake and most destructive tsunami led to the Fukushima nuclear accident, experts say the industry … Continue reading

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Latvija nekad nebūs zemo algu valsts!

Bet mūsu ekonomikas ministrs pagājušā gada maijā, ne minūti neaizdomājoties, Latvijas radio teica: „Latvija nekad nebūs zemo algu valsts!”. Laikam viņš domāja savu algu. D.Rodionovs: ‘Saruna ar Ernestu Buividu „Latvijā IKP pieaugums, bet eiropiešiem – algu pieaugums”’ (2007.g.; Tatar-inform) reading

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Izglītība ir tas, kas ir atklāts gudrajiem  un nav pieejams muļķiem – spēja apzināties savu zināšanu robežas.

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