We, the People Wealthy Few
One Person One Vote One Dollar One Vote
Majorities Markets
Government Limited Government
Majority Supermajority
Budgets Budget Cuts
Taxes on the Wealthy Tax Cuts for the Wealthy
Information Propaganda
Public Schools Private Schools
Education Training
Studying the arts, literature, history, philosophy, etc. Mocking people for studying the arts, literature, history, philosophy, etc.
Jobs programs Bank Bailouts
Welfare Warfare
Express Lanes for 2 or More People Express Lanes for 2 or More Dollars
Security Lines at Airports Special First-Class Security Lanes at Airports
Public Investment Private Investment
Public Transportation Private Jets
Accountability Impunity
Rule Of Law Above The Law
Justice Just Us
Transparency Secrecy
Sustainable growth Polluter Growth
Medicare-For-All Healthcare For Profit
Clean Elections Rigged Elections
Savings Accounts Offshore Accounts
Credit Card Debt Credit Default Swaps
Union members Serfs
Layoffs Payoffs
Homies Cronies
Grassroots Astroturf
Pensions 401Ks
Honest Brokers Self-Interest
Free Will At Will
Citizen Consumer
Citizen Employee
Participant Observer
Actor Acted On
Doer Done To
Healthy Communities Gated Communities
Bedford Falls Pottersville
George Baily Henry F. Potter
Savings Debt
America the Beautiful America the Profitable
The Many The Rich
People Cogs
Humanity Efficiency

About basicrulesoflife

Year 1935. Interests: Contemporary society problems, quality of life, happiness, understanding and changing ourselves - everything based on scientific evidence.
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