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“New Scientist” has highlighted the  fact of, the causes of  and the effects of the growing inequality.
Where’s the beef?  …. It’s just a rant!
1.  He equates ” fairness” with “equality”  Saying, ” we seem to have abandoned this emphasis on equality when it comes to the design of modern civilisation”.  I guess it’s not fair that a high IQ individual should be able to obtain a PhD i.e. the top 1%, when such honors are out of reach for mere mortals i.e. the remaining 99%.
2.  He makes the overarching claim that equal opportunity no longer exists in modern society today but the only example he uses in defense is:  “Inequality has significant detrimental effects on the health of those on the lowest rungs of society (see “Inequality: Of wealth and health“), making it less likely that they will advance their station in life.”. While that may be true for the very poorest of society, that doesn’t make it so for everyone else.
3.  He writes,  “… a staggering $21 trillion, and maybe much more, has been stockpiled in tax havens – nearly half of it by just 92,000 people, roughly the richest 0.001 per cent – using the best financial and legal chicanery that money can buy.”
What’s the relevance of this diatribe?  Few would disagree that a lawbreaker should face the consequences of his illegal activities but one is not being unfair because he chooses to take courses of a action permitted by law that are available to us all.  Any one of us, for example may make investments that offer tax deductible opportunities ( his tax haven) such as real estate depreciation, oil depletion allowances, loss carry forwards, etc and we are not prevented from having offshore accounts or investments in other countries.
4.  Nowhere has he explained why it is not “fair” for anyone to achieve great wealth.
Summary: a typical vapid work based upon personal prejudice but devoid of any facts or  realities.

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