The fastest growing Industry, prisons for profit.

Looks like marijuana possession is the most common reason to toss people into private prisons for decades, giving them the longest sentence possible. So the going wage is 20 cents an hour — I guess that’s competitive with China. The corporation that runs the prison has to have a minimum 1000 beds with 90 per cent occupancy so that’s a good motivation for not liberalizing the drug laws. And, as the guy on the “Democracy Now” interview said, the prisons are “recession proof” because the worse the economy gets, the more crime there will be and the more slave labor harvested for the corporations.
According to Haidt and others, the main difference between conservatives and liberals is that conservatives see human nature as being essentially bad and in need of constant punishment/correction while liberals see it as essentially good. I wonder if the “conservatives” reach their conclusion because deep down, they know that they themselves are essentially evil. and therefore assume that everyone else is the same.  My definition of evil: To enjoy the sufferings of others or to be completely indifferent to it since it is the source of one’s wealth.
No, it is the remaining influence of the religious doctrine of original sin. But you do have examples- like the active cooperation of millions of people in carrying out the Holocaust, or in starving the Ukraine- which point to some validity in this notion. There are many tendencies in man, some for good, but others for evil. Disgusting.

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