Quantum mechanics needs no consciousness

It has been suggested that consciousness plays an important role in quantum mechanics as it is necessary for the collapse of wave function during the measurement. Here we formulated several predictions that follow from this hypothetical relationship and that can be empirically tested. Experimental results that are already available suggest falsification of these predictions. Thus, the suggested link between human consciousness and collapse of wave function does not seem viable.We discuss the implications of these conclusions on the
role of the human observer for quantum mechanics and on the role of quantum mechanics for the observer’s consciousness.

Shan Yu1,∗ and Danko Nikoli´ c1,2,∗∗
1 Department of Neurophysiology, Max Planck Institute for Brain Research, Deutschordenstr. 46, 60528 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
2 Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies, Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Ruth-Moufang-Str. 1, 60438 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Ann. Phys. (Berlin) 523, No. 11, 931 – 938 (2011) / DOI 10.1002/andp.201100078



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