The Nature and Origin of Time-asymmetric Spacetime Structures

Authors: H. D. Zeh
(Submitted on 21 Dec 2010 (v1), last revised 28 Aug 2012 (this version, v4))
Abstract: Time-asymmetric spacetime structures, in particular those representing black holes and the expansion of the universe, are intimately related to other arrows of time, such as the second law and the retardation of radiation. The nature of the quantum arrow, often attributed to a collapse of the wave function, is essential, in particular, for understanding the much discussed “black hole information loss paradox”. The paradox assumes a new form, and can possibly be avoided, in a consistent causal treatment that avoids horizons and singularities. The master arrow that would combine all arrows of time does not have to be identified with the direction of a formal time parameter that serves to formulate the dynamics as a succession of global states (a trajectory in configuration or Hilbert space). It may even change direction with respect to a fundamental physical clock, such as the cosmic expansion parameter if this was extrapolated to negative “pre-big-bang” values or into a conceivable recontraction era.

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