Communism, Capitalism

Truth that is the equivalent of knowing that the emperor has no clothes,  is that our specious certainly won’t survive much longer under a capitalist system of productions, the incentives are the exact opposite of what’s needed in a world with finite resources and an environment being radically changed by human activity.
You’re right about Communism, Marx understood very well what Capitalism was, what trajectory it would take, we are seeing his predictions being proven true everyday. However, his idea of a proletarian revolution which would sweep away capitalism and end class rule and oppression could not have been more wrong.
Marx’s placed all  the evil and injustice in the world on the back of capitalism and this is utter nonsense, human injustice and exploitation of the many by the few has been the story of humankind as soon as we were able to construct complex social structures. Marx’s Utopian dream produced a nightmare because capitalism is  really just one particular social economic  structure of human exploitation, the centralized power of the communist state  was even better at producing oppression and exploitation  than capitalism ever was.
If Humans could be rational enough to collectively decide how to restructure our political and economic system to reward producers and detect cheating and develop a sustainable mode of production we might survive. But that’s not how change occurs , generally the process is more irrational, more centered on who has the power and who doesn’t. If our brains were good enough to allow us to be more rational, more Communitarian , less prone to magical thinking,  we might have had a chance. But this seems not to be the case.
Bob Zannelli

With “the end of history” – the collapse of the Soviet empire and the defection of the Chinese state to robber baron capitalism in all but name – the old forces of rampant, exploitative inequality are on the move again, with no counterweight to balance them. But this time, I believe we may well be approaching the “end time”, not some magic underwear rapture in which the chosen are swept to eternal bliss, but the end and reversal of a trajectory that has seen a gradual improvement in the lot of a significant proportion of the planet’s human population, though at the expense of many species with whom we share it.

 I have no idea if that end time will come with some massive conflagration, as the Earth’s methane stores are released from the permafrost and ocean floors and cook us in a global holocaust, or will be more like the onset of the dark ages in post-Roman Europe, but I look at the children of today and feel ashamed…John Crisp

We in the West actually got the best of both worlds during the Cold War. We didn’t have to live in communist regimes but their existence elsewhere forced the Western oligarchies to surrender on a number of fronts, such as universal education, unions, social safety nets etc. So we got to live in social welfare states without having to suffer communist despotism.
But when communism fell, so did the oligarchy’s incentive for tolerating the social welfare state. Now they don’t have to worry about a communist revolution so they can undo the social reforms with impunity. Anne



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