What Age are we in?

Neolithic Age:  12,000 years ago, coinciding with the onset of the Holocene era and melt of the glaciers.  Bronze Age; 5,500 years ago. came with rise of the first city states, invention of writing, the wheel and first standing armies. Iron Age: 1200 bce, staring with the Hittite Empire.
What Age are we in now? Steel Age? Plastic Age? Anne
We’re well into the age of the triumph of stupidity. AG
That is correct. In between the “Iron age” and the “Information age” there were a few other events such as the end of the “Middle ages,” the “Age of  Enlightenement”, the Industrial Revolution, etc. Not every age is characterized by a material used to build stuff.   Bill
What about the “Space Age”? That seemed to come and go in the ’60’s.  Anne
It didn’t last long enough to be an age. IMO. Bill
How about the Fossil Fuel Age?  Most modern wonders rely on massive energy  consumption.  Now we approach an imminent new age, either because we will transition into non-fossil fuels or because we will
transition into oblivion from further profligate fossil fuel consumption.

Over the next century the last cheap oil will be burned, the industry that it supports will collapse, and humanity will be back in the dark ages, fighting over what little water and arable land is left.
And if we keep burning stuff and pumping CO2 into the atmosphere, we might exterminate ourselves as the earth heats up.

And, if Jim Hanson and others are right (the preliminary data supports them), and we burn the coal and shale and tar as well, Earth will be at 200 degrees Celsius in a few centuries.
So this is the Final Age.


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