Catholic Hospital Shows Full Range of Hypocrisy

Bernard de Mandeville said:

“No habit or quality is more easily acquired than hypocrisy, nor any thing sooner learned than to deny the sentiments of our hearts and the principle we act from: but the seeds of every passion are innate to us, and nobody comes into the world without them.”

That quote represents every human being; be they young or old; rich or poor; saint or criminal. Hypocrisy lives in every man and woman, but the fault of a hypocrite is not in their innate flaw, but in their willingness to use it for their own monetary or social protection.

The other day, a good friend of mine recommended a story for me to possibly write about; I was very interested. After reading the story, I felt like it was definitely something that I wanted to write about. Several years ago, a woman, pregnant with twins, began to feel ill. Upon calling her doctor, it was recommended that she drive to the nearby Catholic hospital. I won’t go into the extreme details of the story, but in the end, both she and the twins passed away.

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