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The Changing map of Europe and the Middle East, 1000 – 2000 (10-min. Video) This is a fascinating animation of European and Middle East history over the past 1000 years. Takes 10 minutes to watch. Advertisements

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A comprehensive view of cosmological Dark Side

Recent cosmological and astrophysical observations point out that the Universe is in accelerating expansion and filled up with non-luminous matter. In order to explain the observed large scale structures and this accelerating behavior one needs a huge amounts of Dark … Continue reading

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Student Friendly Quantum Field Theory

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Time Reborn: From the Crisis in Physics to the Future of the Universe

LEE SMOLIN has made influential contributions to the search for a unification of physics. He is a founding faculty member of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics. His previous books include The Trouble with Physics, The Life of the Cosmos, and … Continue reading

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Vecāku vainīguma prezumpcija

Viens no galvenajiem, ja ne pats galvenais humānas un taisnīgas tiesību sistēmas pamatprincipiem, ir cilvēku nevainīguma prezumpcija. Tas nozīmē, ka līdz mirklim, kamēr nav pierādīta cilvēka vaina, viņš pēc noklusējuma tiek uzskatīts par nevainīgu. Šis princips praktiskā sistēmiskā līmenī vispamatīgāk … Continue reading

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Great Scientist ≠ Good at Math

E.O. Wilson shares a secret: Discoveries emerge from ideas, not number-crunching By E.O. WILSON For many young people who aspire to be scientists, the great bugbear is mathematics. Without advanced math, how can you do serious work in the sciences? Well, I … Continue reading

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Top Ten Ways Margaret Thatcher’s Policies Made our World more Unequal

The late Margaret Thatcher had an enormous impact on Britain and the world, but her legacy has been a more unequal, less prosperous Britain and world. She championed the wealthy and threw the national income to them; she systematically undermined … Continue reading

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Where Do The Laws of Physics Come From?

Victor Stenger, Prometheus Books 2006 The laws of physics were not handed down from above. Nor are they somehow built into the logical structure of the universe. They are human inventions, though not arbitrary ones. They are not restrictions on the … Continue reading

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