Does life have a purpose?

Einstein said: “The purpose of life is to ask what is the purpose of life.”

Some comments:

The most fundamental conceptual point is that there is nothing about a manmade machine that inherently “cares” whether its “purpose” is achieved or not. The purpose is constituted entirely by us, and we organize all the local interactions with a view to achieving the purpose in question.

Astrodreamer • 21 days ago

Dear dear, what simple-minded, self-satisfied blather. Your favorite dinosaur, your favorite idea about your favorite dinosaur, Lovelock and Nagel are in hot water? All this came crashing down . . . over a period of two centuries – some crash! Henry Ward Beecher was an adulterer . . relevance? And that remark about some junior members of your family; supposed to be charming, or what? Socartes, Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, Boyle, Hegel, Lamarck, the Scientific revolution, the Victorians, the Darwins, the Huxleys, The Beechers, Bergson, Dawkins, all in 3000 words and then you have the nerve to accuse Nagel of “skimming across the surface”?

eshraghuvanshi • 24 days ago

In my opinion life have only one purpose overcome the death.I think death only give meaning to life.All creature even plants also struggle to survive.If death is not there how can evolution possible.Religion, culture civilization all are developed from fear of death.Overcome fear of death is ultimate aim of all creature. and that only give meaning to life

 Wright • 20 days ago

Everything has a purpose. A redundant adapation has the sleeping purpose of being a survival measure. A successful adapation has the sleeping purpose of assisting an organism to ‘survive and thrive’. My question is what is the bloody purpose of ‘survive and thrive’? The same old question ‘Why are we here?’. Can’t get away from it.

9 days ago

The purpose of life is the propagation of life – procreation.

The purpose for human life is self-created. But it can be great. IMHO the purpose of human life is to satisfy our strongest instinctive  demand – reach practically non-restricted life. This will give to us:

a) a possibility to use knowledge accumulated in first 30-50-70 years of life; that means, we will not be doomed to die just as having created knowledge necessary for reasonable, meaningful and happy life;

b) transfer our minds to AI devices which will give to us many new and unique possibilities, inter alia to change ourselves deliberately  and reasonably;

c) go over from Homo sapiens to Homo roboticus and gradually make Universe’s matter get conscious of itself. I.V. 


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