Billy Graham on technology and faith

Speaking at TED in 1998, Rev. Billy Graham marvels at technology’s power to improve lives and change the world — but says the end of evil, suffering and death will come only after the world accepts Christ. A legendary talk from TED’s archives.

The Rev. Billy Graham is a religious leader with a worldwide reach. In his long career as an evangelist, he has spoken to millions and been an advisor to US presidents.

Song Na, Jan 17 2013:

I do not believe this should not belong to TED, faith and religion are one and the same-TED should focus on facts, or even hopes, dreams and visions of sound and/or factual basis. Something cannot be simultaneously fact and require faith, and as yet Christ is and has been for a long time a character or entity that demands faith. As such Christ and Christianity are by definition religions, if it were true, there will be substantial evidences to support it and it will be classified as History or Natural Science and the Bible will be a text book. However, Christianity IS and will always be a religion, and the Bible is and will never be a text book. In fact religions are prohibited to be taught, promoted or preached at public schools in the US and Church and State are strictly and rightfully separated as per the US Constitution.

Good or evil is a decision to be made by us, humans, and it will be up to us to take the responsibility to be responsible for technologies we, created, yes created as creators (of technologies and our future)! On the contrary, if we believe in some God by faith and faith only (because facts and logic won’t take us there) in which we trust God/Christ to take care of things and to make the ultimate decisions, then we are not taking up that responsibility. And in part, perhaps a large part, the trust in a fictional being by faith had caused us to abandon the present and our responsibility, and so has become a self fulfilling prophecy; we have neglected our moral responsibilities for so long we need some God to fix it!
However, this living planet in it’s infinite diversity, many still undiscovered has been here for billions of years without religion…
The being of this planet and our future depend on us and require self initiated responsibilities and moral responsibilities, and religions faiths not fact, so far (1000’s of yrs) failed to save us, fact.

From lecture’s  text: “There are many problems that technology couldn’t solve. How would we solve 3 problems: 1. Human evil.  2. Human suffering. 3. Death. Science and religion are not antagonists. Death is a forbidden subject for our generation. “If you bet on God and open yourself to his love, you loose nothing, even if you are wrong.  But instead, if you bet that there is no God, then you can loose it all in this life and the life to come.” One day I was faced face to face with Christ. He said: – I am the way, the truth and the life.” I had to make a decision. I couldn’t prove it, I couldn’t take it to a laboratory and experiment with it, but I said: – I believe him. And he came into my heart and changed my life. And now I am ready when I hear that call to go into the presence of God.” 

Excellent example of how human mind makes compatible completely incompatible things – reality and instinct’s demand to avoid death. He even makes horse-trading with his inner veracity, inner orderliness, inner honesty:  “If you bet on God and open yourself to his love, you loose nothing, even if you are wrong.  But instead, if you bet that there is no God, then you can loose it all in this life and the life to come.” I.V.


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