The Turning Point – Full Film…. Exposing Bilderburg Group & Ruling

Hello my friends…often the public are unaware of the true machinations of rule over the world’s population….there are clandestine, secretive meetings that are held for the elite to exert undemocratic rule over an unsuspecting and overloaded/worked/stressed world population. Wars are decided and policies agreed with out public knowledge…we live in an age of institutionalized deception, championed by those who stand to gain the most, (whom oddly enough, have so much already) the privileged ruling elite and senior government members and heads of business and industry, even high ranking military figures are invited to collaborate and receive instructions on the master plans for the way forward to total domination and dictatorship of the entire world, the resources and people of the entire planet. Start to research the diabolical ambitions of this group and those surrounding it and your world view will be shattered….hard to believe, many will find it hard to face the facts that the establishments we have all agreed to trust our entire lives are being manipulated and used against us. None of us would want what these elites are implementing, incrementally (to reduce public opposition), their vision of fully implementing totally slavery on every aspect of our lives..!!! Using their organisations, such as the CFR, UN, Club of Rome, Tavistock institute amongst the hundreds of other independent not for profit think tank institutions they plan to see the UN agenda 21 play out to create a Zeitgeist utopian vision for the elite and total slavery and control of every aspect of the dominion sub class. The horrendous facts are out there…WAKE UP and free your self from mental slavery and actual slavery….PEACE 4 ALL Many thanks to the team bringing us important insightful documentaries, please support them. Originally Published on Nov 5, 2012 by weavingspider.

There is a saying: -” The one who talks behind your spine is two steps behind you”.
Yes, we are ahead … in not knowing ourselves, the basic rules of human life, and where we are going, and what is the sense. We have gone in the directions of superstitions, religions, cheap entertaining and not knowing simple but basic things. And we will never creep out. We are kindergarten for them.
But the problem is that they don’t know much better, they also indulge to their instincts. They simply try. I.V. 



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Year 1935. Interests: Contemporary society problems, quality of life, happiness, understanding and changing ourselves - everything based on scientific evidence.
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