The Relationship Between Sexual Quality of Life, Happiness, and Satisfaction with Life

Tayfun Dogan, Nilufer Tugut, Zehra Golbasi
 The quality of sexual life is based on a physical, relational, and emotional assessment of an individual. This study aimed to analyze the relationship between sexual quality of life, happiness, and satisfaction with life. The research comprised of 204 women, aged between 18 and 63. The average age of participants was 31.98. In this study, the sexual quality of life questionnaire-female, Oxford happiness questionnaire-short form, and satisfaction with life scale were used as data collection tools. The findings indicated that the sexual quality of life in women has a positive relationship with happiness and satisfaction with life. Therefore, sexual quality of life is a significant predictor of happiness and satisfaction with life. It also explains 19 % of the variance concerning happiness and25 % of the variance regarding satisfaction with life. As a result, the findings obtained from the present study show that the sexual quality of life in women is important in relation to happiness and satisfaction with life.

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Year 1935. Interests: Contemporary society problems, quality of life, happiness, understanding and changing ourselves - everything based on scientific evidence.
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