Three myths about corruption

Trinidad and Tobago amassed great wealth in the 1970s thanks to oil. But in 1982, a shocking fact was revealed — that 2 out of every 3 dollars earmarked for development had been wasted or stolen. This has haunted Afra Raymond for 30 years. Shining a flashlight on a continued history of government corruption, Raymond gives us a reframing of financial crime.

Nicolae Ivan

Posted 12 days ago

I subscribe to the praises. But for the rest, the human society worked in this way for some 35,000 years (but probably more since the Neaderthalians had enough human social reactions). As once was said about the Huit-tenBosh conferences some 100 years ago we can’t prevent war. But let’s try to make it more human. We failed on that. I doubt there is a solution other then send the power to react at the grassroots.

Eunice Cruz

Posted a year ago

Afra, my country’s experience in nothing different from yours. The philippines has been engulfed by this economic crime for decades and it has permeated our society from top to bottom for a long time that majority of our people have been anesthesized and have resigned to finding hope of ever being freed from its bondage. Only in the recent few years do we see a spark of hope but corruption is so deeply engrained that I feel it will take a generation to change the system and only if a morally upright leader will continue to lead us out of it.

Donald McDaniels

Posted 9 months ago

I find it interesting that most people I talk with about corruption are under the assumption that it is only a major problem in other countries and then mostly third world countries. They do not even think about the evident corruption in their own back yards.
I live in the U.S.A. where the slogan is Government by the people, for the people, yet almost every day you can read or see a news report or interview where some elected official will admit that they voted for or supported something that is in opposition to those people they pretended to want to represent who voted them in.
If you accept a job representing the people of your community, city, county or state and then knowingly refuse to represent them and in fact misrepresent them is this not fraud to defraud for personal gain. It happens in this nation all the time and people act like it is alright.
We are supposed to be guaranteed free elections that have become nothing more than bidding and spending wars, we can chose from whatever candidates our two party system chooses to allow to attend the debates and to run for election. So much for free elections.
Our Government is probably the single most corrupt Government in the World and most officials here are exempt from any type of criminal prosecution no matter what others may believe, regardless of what our Constitution, which we treat like a holy grail, may say. They are exempt.
How do you battle the legion who have not ethics or morals?
Even these statements will be read by my great government under the guise of National Security in disregard of my guaranteed rights to individual freedom and liberty.
When a thing is broken it should either be fixed or discarded depending on its usefulness.

Ron Parmiter

Posted a year ago

Is there any hope when it is so ingrained, and almost everyone thinks its alright.
And what can we do as individuals?

Imants Vilks. Is there a solution? Biologist E.O.Wilson in  his book ‘On Human Nature’ says, yes, there is. We are descendants of primates and we behave in accordance with our genetic heritage. All so called laws, all rules of life in all world’s societies must be changed in order to make behaviour ‘take more for myself” non-profitable. The innocence presumption principle in jurisdiction mustn’t be abandoned but in all areas of human activities the laws has to be created based on reality, on the simple truth that we humans will take every time when it is possible. To make such laws based on real human nature is not easy but it is possible: Look at the growing inequality, look at the wars, look at how we destroy our environment.

 We must create completely new ethics and morality based on real human beings, not as they are declared but on what they really are. We have to start using the real models or ourselves. The individuals and societies who don’t use real models or themselves are doomed.


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Year 1935. Interests: Contemporary society problems, quality of life, happiness, understanding and changing ourselves - everything based on scientific evidence.
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