Why the climate marchers got so little coverage [and what they don’t understand]

There are a few answers as to why the march got so little coverage. Think of who owns the media. Also think of what news media likes to cover. My take on it is that the marchers are preaching about the problem getting worse but they don’t have any real solutions. The majority are clueless when it comes to understanding energy. The 350.org and the Climate Reality followers ignore the one best solution, and that is nuclear energy.

Where the public should focus their thoughts is on what climate change really is. The marchers have witnessed the tornadoes, drought, forest fires, hurricanes, floods and melting ice caps and glaciers, but the unseen factors are far from their minds.
They know that CO2 is on the rise, and they want to fix it with “renewables.” 

When you look at the problem from the aspect of resources and how much energy comes from those resources, it is clear that what they call renewable is terribly inefficient. To get enough wind they build gargantuan towers of steel that are wasteful, unreliable and intermittent. Not quite so bad is solar.  The land use and environmental costs of building wind and solar farms on a scale that would make any visiting aliens say “how primitive.”

Far from the minds of the majority is the fact that the food chain is already being damaged by the rise in acidity due to the increase in CO2.

Also far from their minds is the growth rates of China and India their need for increased energy. Coal produces 50% of it’s electricity in then USA. How many windmills and solar farms do you think it would take to convert that 50% to renewable sources.

Also far from their minds is the FAILING “clean energy” experiment in Germany that is failing. They have the highest electricity bills in the EU and their coal usage is on the rise. The most incredibly foolish idea is that they want to close good functioning nuclear plants. They can’t learn from France that nuclear has produced a very successful economy and given them the cleanest air in all of Europe? They are now almost 80% nuclear, and they recycle their “waste.”

To we realists, the idea of the marchers being noble heroes is giving them too much credit.

George Erickson – www.tundracub.com  – See http://energyrealityproject.com/nuclear-power-climate-change-warrior-for-the-21st-century/
Member, Union of Concerned Scientists — Member, Thorium Energy Alliance — past V P American Humanist Assoc.

NO ONE has died from radiation from commercial nuclear power production in Western Europe or the Western Hemisphere, but MILLIONS have died from the burning of coal and oil.
Replace carbon-fueled power plants with modern, safe, efficient, nuclear reactors that create NO CO2.


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