On leaders

Humiliated people are dangerous people. So are arrogant ones. What we need are humble and passionate leaders. Leaders who don’t give a fig about their “legacy” because they’re too busy following their objectives. Leaders who deep down don’t want to really be presidents, but who know that if they don’t do what has to be done, the world will be going to hell in the handbasket.  It is vital, though, that these leaders, male or female, have the alpha-dog gene and can command fear and uncertainty in their enemies, trust and loyalty in their friends, and respect (however grudging some of it) from all. And that they have a plan and are willing to fight for it (changing course when facts demand it).
I WISH Sagan had been alive and well on Sept. 11/91. I’m positive he would have found his way onto to the many rosters of so-called spiritual authorities: rabbis, priests, ministers, imams, and spiritual -like poets. Because Sagan *was* a poet, even though he wrote prose. He was  latter-day Lucretius — he wrote psalms to science and drank the honey of inspiration from the image-contemplation of the natural order. That’s what Einstein did on occasion too — expressed religious deleium at a man’s ability to perceive so much of Awesome Nature. And I understand that Spinoza was considered god-intoxicated because his pantheist contemplations gave him such joy and inspiration.
When I look around the World today the Poet’s dark couplet rings in my ears:
“Things fall apart; the center cannot hold
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.”
And the reason now is the same post-WW1 reason he wrote about. There is not enough cohesiveness among the people — religious bonds & duties, patriotic-citizen sense of honor; trust in the government to do the right thing. There are not enough leaders. Hell, there are no leaders. Only some who are not quite as hopeless as others. Merkel and Putin, for example have been holding their own.
How could the EU inventors ever believed that a conglomerate of countries sharing similar racial background, some history (though often at cross purposes) and vastly unequal economies, and no particular loyalty to the “EU” except as a way to get money could ever possibly be a success? Seriously?
First thing the EU absolutely needed to get and absolutely failed to get was one common language. Learn what languages you want as a child.Just make sure one of them is the EU language so they can communicate with any other EU citizen?
But which language? That’s where egos of old lionesses come in. There are two candidates:
1. English because it is the most spoken (as a first or additional language) than any language in the world. It is easier than other languages like German and French, and in fact combines Saxon and Norman roots, producing a language that’s not too gutteral and not too perfumy.
2. Esperanto. If everyone had to learn a new language, they couldn’t be jealous about someone else’s being chosen. But it seems like such an unnecessary mes.
1. Make English the language of the EU
2. Switch the EU HQ from Brussells to Paris
3. Mix it up more. When all or most EUs are speaking English, things will move far more efficiently and they will communicate far more effectively. This is only for inter-nation communication. No one’s language is being dismissed. It’s just English would be the lingua franca which every EU citizen would be expected to learn and understand.

Anne O.Railly


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Year 1935. Interests: Contemporary society problems, quality of life, happiness, understanding and changing ourselves - everything based on scientific evidence. Artificial Intelligence Foundation Latvia, http://www.artificialintelligence.lv Editor.
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