The day Einstein feared has arrived

And yet, they are all interacting with humans–just not in  a way to which you are accustomed.
Chances are they are spending most of that time streaming videos and audio files, or they are playing online games.  I suppose in one sense they are ultimately interacting with humans, whether that might be CGI coders, game designers and so forth.  On the other hand we have become in just a few years a society of people who are alone together.  I think this is every bit as addictive as a drug.
As I see it we live in the age of the zombie.  Ever wondered why zombies became such a cult fad?  I think it is because we all know we have become in a sense zombies.  In a sense we live in a time where we are constantly lied to, and we no longer even call them lies, but rather spin.  We have fake science, and science cooked up by religious fundamentalist or the oil companies (Koch brothers) to tell us about the climate and so forth.  We now can live in complete denial with a minimum of cognitive dissonance.  We can be in denial about global warming, collapsing fisheries, estuary dieouts, exponential loss of arable land, resource depletion and so forth.
We have zombie politics, zombie religion, zombie media and a constant virtual reality zombie stream.  In the last 10 years public places have become zones where people just look at smart phones.  People in downtown areas or restaurants used to actually talk to each other, and now they just saunter along looking at mini-screens.  People are trapped in their fantasy zones, whether these be manga videos, computer games, religious magical ideas of eternity, fantasy politics, and it all serves to distract us away from reality. And reality is not looking so good these days.  Observing people these days is like looking at zombies.  The problem is that the zombies are all marching towards a cliff; all 7.3 billion of them.
There is this concern about AI taking over, but I am not so concerned about that really.  The situation seems very in line with ecological systems.  A species of life that over populates, consumes resources and poops ends up creating negative feed backs on them that cause the population to collapse.  Humans are very good at removing constraints imposed by the environment and further generating positive feed backs that promote us.  We may though have reached a certain limit.  I have noticed that young people do not program computers at all.  It is as if the success in this has lead to a serious dumming down that means at some point in the future there will be fewer people who know how these things work.  Eventually the world will have a few billionaire finance winners and billions of ignorant poor, all living on a planet beaten into exhaustion.  That will not hold.

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Year 1935. Interests: Contemporary society problems, quality of life, happiness, understanding and changing ourselves - everything based on scientific evidence. Artificial Intelligence Foundation Latvia, Editor.
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