5 Popular Beliefs That Are Holding Humanity Back

Hopefully most of you reading this can recognize that as scare-mongering for hateful dipshits. But here’s the thing: Many of you do worry about overpopulation in general. But that’s just common sense, right? Too many people, not enough food, water, and fuel to take care of them all — we need to cut back. But do me a favor: Picture, in your mind, what the excess population in the world looks like. Imagine the people who, in a perfectly population-controlled world, wouldn’t be there.

Are you picturing yourself, and your friends, and your family? I bet you’re not. I bet you’re picturing hordes of dirty, starving kids in Africa, even though they use only a tenth of the resources we do. If our time-traveling scientist suggested going back in time and preventing the births of the heaviest resource users (that is, us) by jumping out of a time portal and slapping away our fathers’ boners at the last second, we’d tell him to stop that shit. After all, the world is clearly better off with smart, compassionate, loving, charming human beings like us. When we said we wanted fewer people, we weren’t picturing faces, we were picturing dirty, hungry mouths. You know … like they have in those … brown countries.

See how easy it is to fall into that trap? Even when we think we’re being thoughtful and responsible, it’s still done with the utterly insane yet unspoken belief that those masses outside of our tribe aren’t people. It’s not your fault. This superstition is built in — we evolved to function in tribes, and to believe that only one tribe can “win.” And I think we, as a species, have to get past that before this shit turns really ugly.

Read more: http://www.cracked.com/blog/5-popular-beliefs-that-are-holding-humanity-back_p2/#ixzz3N1Ip2Fzs


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