On Human Nature

E.O. Wilson wrote that genetically we have inherited our genes from hunter-gatherer tribes, and we  are not suited to the completely new environment we have created. It looks that the problem is bigger. Our survival instinct withholds us from thinking about death, from thinking about our future on a bigger scale. Therefore we are not willing to look at our lives, at our society broadly, in order to see the future and to subordinate our behaviour to future needs. We are ‘current moment’, ‘current feelings’ creatures.

If we don’t find enough daring to change completely our education systems, our descendants will repeat our mistakes, they will proceed to destroy our environment and ourselves and we are doomed.

It is possible to abandon for ourselves for some time momentary pleasures and satisfaction and prepare completely new education for our kids. The education including knowing and understanding how our minds work, how our minds and genes delude us, inviting us to self-indulging behaviour, and keeping us back from solving the most important survival tasks. That is what we are doing today: entertaining us.

We don’t think about our children’s future more as how to give to them some goods, some money, some entertainment, and some knowledge … about how to produce, how to achieve these goods and entertainment. Our philosophy and values rest on this.


About basicrulesoflife

Year 1935. Interests: Contemporary society problems, quality of life, happiness, understanding and changing ourselves - everything based on scientific evidence. Artificial Intelligence Foundation Latvia, http://www.artificialintelligence.lv Editor.
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