Reflections on life

That’s what I hope Ask Leo! is about. That’s what I hope parts of my career have been about, and that’s what I hope to continue for as long as I’m allowed to do so. What was driven home this last week was there is no warning, there are no guarantees. Life is a gift, and it can be taken away at any time for any number of different reasons, which we may or may not have control over.

So let me leave you with that thought: are you living your life in such a way that it has meaning? I keep coming to back to that phrase, “Is the world a better place because you were here?” I have no doubt that it is. I really do but my point is opportunities like this – as somebody called it a gut punch – of these two close friends passing away one after the other are also opportunities for us all to reflect and make sure that we’re doing what we really should be doing, what we know in our heart of hearts we should be doing.

So I’ll leave it at that for this week. I thank you for watching. I hope that I haven’t brought you down too much. Like I said, it’s been kind of stressful in my community, my internet entrepreneur friends have been struggling with this for several days now and I wanted to share some of what we’ve been thinking about and what I’ve been thinking about personally when it comes to this kind of thing.

Back to more normal tech next week, absolutely but in the meantime, as always you’re welcome to leave a comment down below if you’re seeing this on and I will see you again next week. Take care, everyone.

There is much more than ‘is the world better place because you were here?’ We are behavior doomed primates who have realized who they are and how their brain works. It is possible that the only complicated life in the observable (for us) part of the Universe. When we reach the state we start understand ourselves, we must die.

Today we can and must realize more: we don’t live our body’s lifetime 70-90 years. The most important part in us is the information which lives together with species homo sapiens. We are the information accumulated since 50 million years. The notion that I will die is partly an illusion because of our main instinctive demand for survival for any price. But for an individual’s feeling for unrestricted survival or ‘eternal life’ this changes nothing – he knows, everyone knows – he will die. 

The only change this knowledge gives to us is that we can realize the bigger scale about our existence, the possibility and must for unrestricted survival and rise above our primate biological nature. This is the only way that makes sense: create intelligent machines, reach higher intelligence, and reach much bigger lifetime made possible by passing developed individual consciousness to the next hardware. All this is possible and we have a duty to make it happen. 

From this we obtain, we develop the sense, the task, and the duty of our existence today.

It seems that for this century we are doomed to follow the way our primate nature determines us to: we collectively destroy the planetary conditions for our survival, we are unable to stop d0ing this, we are taking part in a global extinction dance.

Imants Vilks, editor. 


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Year 1935. Interests: Contemporary society problems, quality of life, happiness, understanding and changing ourselves - everything based on scientific evidence.
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