Gay marriage a moral crisis?

If you define morality as the norms and customs of a people, as was the early definition, then same-sex marriage is certainly a departure from norms and custom. Homosexuality seems to have been around forever, and attitudes towards it have varied, but it’s only in our own era that it has acquired legal standing and has started to enter the realm of realm of normal, acceptable behavior.
And if you define crisis as a turning point and time when critical decisions must be made, then the legalization of gay marriage certainly represents a turning point in Western Civilization’s attitude towards homosexuality. It is also a time when homophobes know they must make critical decisions about it. If they don’t fight it now, then within a generation it will likely have become such a normal and acceptable practice that there will be nothing anyone can do about it.
So they must act now. If it’s not already too late.
I fully accept that gay marriage is a moral crisis for loyalists of traditional morality. Just as abolitionism was a moral crisis for those who held slavery to be a traditional, god-sanctioned and virtuous institution.
It’s a necessary crisis far as I’m concerned, and I suspect it’s too late for homophobes to much about it. Homophobic laws have big economic consequences, as seen in Illinois, and the Millennial generation, whose opinions are becoming influential, have not been indoctrinated with homophobia in childhood and are therefore disgusted by blatant discrimination against gays.
Unless something really awful breaks out, like Nazism, which smashed the gay culture of tolerant Berlin during the Weimar period, it looks like homosexuality has broken out of the closet and is fast acquiring normal status. Once something becomes normalized, it’s very hard to reverse it. Just like abolition, which even the dumbest teapots arent’ suggesting be abolished in favor of a return to slavery. Or female suffrage, which few, aside from professional clowns like Ann Coulter, believe should be abolished.
They know it’s their last chance, but they must also know it’s too late. I guess they feel they have to make some last symbolic gestures of opposition. Their Last Stand. Anne

I didn’t intend to make a moral judgement per se when using the word “unnatural”. It’s better described amorally as an error in genetic coding, similar to many other errors that have been noted in the science of genetics. I just pointed out that homosexuality objectively contradicts specie survival for sexually reproducing organisms and is therefore not to be rationalized as “normal”, any more than the gene for Parkinson’s disease would be considered “normal”. AG.


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