Let’s not get it wrong this time: The terrorists won after 9/11 because we chose to invade Iraq, shred our Constitution

We destroyed ourselves with our dumb 9/11 overreactions. It’s essential not to make the same mistake again.

Assuming the official story is right, then Al Qaeda got $7 million of effect for every dollar it spent on the attack–$7 million, to one. The ratio of harm inflicted on U.S. targets by the 9/11 attacks, to the financial harm the U.S. inflicted on itself reflects the same amplification. For every $1 of damage they did to us, we did $231 to ourselves. For every American that was killed in the attack, we sacrificed more than two on the battlefield. And that is all before we consider the instability we brought to the Middle East, the harm we did to our own freedoms, and the spectacular cost to our reputation abroad.

There is much we do not know, and much we many never know about ISIS and its objectives. We can, however be sure of this: ISIS would like the citizens of the West to surrender their liberties, while lashing out blindly into the dark.

More: http://www.salon.com/2015/11/15/lets_not_get_it_wrong_this_time_the_terrorists_won_after_911_because_we_chose_to_invade_iraq_shred_our_constitution/

In order to establish the system and government they prefer, big players in these ‘less developed’ countries support some religious fanatic or military groups and shoot and bomb others, the ‘wrong ones’. The religious, fanatic and massive hatred is being generated. And we receive the results. IV. 

Along with chaos, highly unequal distributions of wealth seem to breed this type of radical.  This is something the world can do something about.  Obscene gaps in wealth  are also a “fashion,” and indulging this fashion seems to also feed the beast of radicalism.

The chaos of conflict is the other factor we can do something about.  The knee-jerk response of violence for violence can only escalate. Leaders need to emerge who can utilize brains over brawn.

I am tired of fatalism and passivity in response to world problems.  Just as with environmental degradation, we CAN do something about these issues.  Each person needs to become more involved in creating a peaceful and rational world, and in caring for the situation of his/her neighbor.  Such a world would eventually breed far fewer radicals.

Christine Hansen

About basicrulesoflife

Year 1935. Interests: Contemporary society problems, quality of life, happiness, understanding and changing ourselves - everything based on scientific evidence. Artificial Intelligence Foundation Latvia, http://www.artificialintelligence.lv Editor.
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One Response to Let’s not get it wrong this time: The terrorists won after 9/11 because we chose to invade Iraq, shred our Constitution

  1. “The coalition should encircle and occupy Raqqa, exterminate the bad actors, and make it a free city for Syria refugees. AG”

    Should be easy. Gary Cooper and John Wayne are dead, but Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger (and perhaps Sylvester Stallone) should be able to do it… After all, it takes bad actors to kill “bad actors”…

    ISIS is a self declared STATE which has declared war on the civilized world. Its self declared capital is Raqqa. We have the means to cut off the head of the snake, but it won’t happen without the will. AG


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