Hitler invaded Russia in 1940.
We don’t hold the Russians responsible for being invaded even though they had a ghastly regime in place at the time which had committed many atrocities. Germany was the one who invaded, ergo Germany was responsible for the invasion, and the subsequent deaths of 20 million Russians. Russia was not threatening Germany in any way — in fact had signed a treaty with it. Therefore the fault for this particular crime lay fully with the Germans, not with the Russians (regardless of how mean and ugly the Russians may have been).
Ditto for “Bush invaded Iraq.” The Iraqi regime was ghastly and had committed many atrocities but it did not threaten the US. In fact it had held a candlelight vigil on the night of September 11th. The Bush Gang made up the case against Iraq out of thin air, pulling it out of their collective ass and stringing it together as they went along. And Iraq was only one step in their quest for world hegemony, just like Russia was just one step in the Nazis’ ambitions for same. America, like Germany, bears responsibility for an unprovoked invasion and shares responsibility for the wretched outcome. The Nuremberg Accords will back me up on that, although you may find support for your side of things in “Citizen Warrior” or perhaps David the Horror’s Hate-Mag.
And for the record, Germany’s invasion of Russia was just as retarded and ill-thought out as America’s invasion of Iraq. Hitler waited far too long to invade which resulted in his army getting bogged down in the middle of a Russian winter. He believed that “Providence” was guiding him and making him invincible, just a Bush believed (so he says) that Jeepers was guiding him and guaranteeing his success.) So in both cases it was a case of evil greedy power-mad warmongering, coupled with incompetence, arrogance, superstition, megalomania,  stupidity and hubris. And it was the rabid right in both countries that committed the atrocities.Look — I don’t hate Germany, but their rabid right really acted badly during the ’30’s and ’40’s and deserved to be hauled over the coals for it.
Ditto for America’s rabid right during the first decade of the 21st century. If you really want to defend America’s rabid right (or Germany’s for that matter) go right ahead, but it’s a rather futile task. America will suffer the consequences for the crimes of its rabid right regardless of whether it acknowledges guilt or not. America can no longer pretend to be a shining city on a hill and all that. It’s been exposed as just another shit-hole. A wealthy powerful nuclear-armed shit-hole, but a shit hole none the less. You can no longer hold yourselves up as morally superior to everyone else. And neither can Israel, whose shrieking claims of having the moral-ist army in the world is worse than a bad joke.



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