Seeking a Cause for Terrorism, France? Look in the Mirror

France must create a future for their minorities, and live up to the constitutional promises of freedom of religion and assembly. End the decades of rhetoric and vide noblesse political statements and self-congratulatory legislation that is given little or no enforcement.

Does discrimination justify terrorism? No. What was done in the name of DAESH has no defense.

If you want to dissuade hundreds of thousands of young people from joining extremist sociopolitical organizations, though, the best weapons against terrorism aren’t bombs or riot gear. They’re good education, jobs, and tolerant inclusion.

Rather than fear the followers of the Quran, a country that is 90 percent Christian should heed the words of Christ: Do unto others.

Young people getting educated, going to work, finding better housing and integrated into the neighborhoods and cultural life of the country as true equals are very hard to recruit. It is easier to sell a “paradise” that lies just beyond one squeeze of a trigger on a bomb jacket to people who live in hopelessness.


About basicrulesoflife

Year 1935. Interests: Contemporary society problems, quality of life, happiness, understanding and changing ourselves - everything based on scientific evidence. Artificial Intelligence Foundation Latvia, Editor.
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