A World Without Drivers: No Accidents, No Traffic — No Fun?

Self-driving cars (SDCs) have been getting a lot of buzz recently.  Last month, Nissan showcased their autonomous car at the Detroit Auto Show, re-asserting their plan to make SDCs available to the general public by 2020.  Meanwhile, the Ford Motor Company announced the formation of a partnership with researchers from M.I.T. and Stanford University. Together they will continue the company’s effort in developing systems that will allow SDCs to not only react to obstacles but better anticipate where objects (vehicles, pedestrians, animals, etc.) will move next.

“Our goal is to provide the vehicle with common sense,” said Greg Stevens, Ford’s global manager for driver assistance. “Drivers are good at using the cues around them to predict what will happen next… Our goal in working with MIT and Stanford is to bring a similar type of intuition to the vehicle.”

These are truly exciting times in the auto industry.  Semi-autonomous vehicles are already available – most popularly seen with slow-speed braking (to avoid children when backing up) and park assist technology. But we’re only at the beginning of the auto-auto evolution.  Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, General Motors, nearly every car manufacturer, as well as technology companies like Google, are charging down separate paths in developing the same future: a world without drivers.  According to a recent study, it is estimated that SDC’s will account for half the vehicles sold in North America by 2035.

More: http://www.forbes.com/sites/sanjeevsardana/2014/02/03/a-world-without-drivers-no-accidents-no-traffic-no-fun/


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