An Emotion and Temperament Model for Cognitive Mobile Robots

ABSTRACT: This paper describes a model of emotions and temperaments (or personalities), and how to implement it in cognitive mobile robots. Emotions such as fear, anger, sadness, happiness, disgust, and surprise can be modeled theoretically, and vary due to reinforcers such as rewards and punishments. The model incorporates exponential decay of the reinforcement effects, so without continual reinforcers the emotion will return to their steady-state values. It is shown that emotions and temperament are coupled through the theory. The constants used in the model of emotions are related to the temperament of the robot. The main five temperaments discussed include Extrovert/ Introvert, Neurotic/Rational, Conscientious/Careless, Agreeable/Disagreeable, and Open/Reticent. The emotion and temperament engine (ETE) developed here has been incorporated into SS-RICS, which is a cognitive architecture developed at the Army Research Laboratory and tested in both mobile robots and in simulators.

This paper discusses how to incorporate emotions and temperament into cognitive architectures such as ACT/R, Soar, and SS-RICS. The emotions are basically state variables, and the robot will behave differently depending on which emotion it is experiencing. The temperaments, as described below, are fixed characteristics of the robot (although, unlike in animals, we could vary them in time).

Labākais, kas šajā nozarē ir uzrakstīts. I.V. 


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