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Mobile computing pioneers Jeff Hawkins and Donna Dubinsky founded Numenta to develop a new approach to machine intelligence first described in Hawkins’ book On Intelligence.

After a few years of hard work, we have made great progress. The key invention is a new learning algorithm that automatically finds patterns in streams of data and predicts what is likely to occur next. The core of the algorithm is described here (pdfvideo).

The year 2011 has been a turning point for Numenta. Prior to 2011, we were a research company, focused on biological learning algorithms. Starting in January of this year, we started creating a commercial product based on these algorithms. In this newsletter I want to tell you a bit about our product plans and invite you to join our private beta.

At the heart of the product we are building is the Cortical Learning Algorithm, which we believe is unique in its ability to discover patterns in temporal data. (A paper describing the Cortical Learning Algorithm is available here.) Our focus over the last six months has been on exploring how the Cortical Learning Algorithm can be applied to almost any kind of data.

Over much of this year, we have been developing a new service using the CLA algorithm that will allow anyone to find patterns and make predictions from data. We think this service will have wide-ranging uses, from web click prediction to sales forecasting to resource planning to health management.   There are several compelling innovations in our product related to functionality and ease of use. We look forward to sharing more details on these features with you early next year, as we get closer to our product launch.


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