What is Intelligence?


June 19, 2013  |    |  AnalysisWhen asked their opinions about “human-level artificial intelligence” — aka “artificial general intelligence” (AGI)1 — many experts understandably reply that these terms haven’t yet been precisely defined, and it’s hard to talk about something that hasn’t been defined.2 In this post, I want to briefly outline an imprecise but useful “working definition” for intelligence we tend to use at MIRI. In a future post I will write about some useful working definitions for artificial general intelligence.

Zinātnē visas definīcijas ir pagaidu. Cilvēki uzzina jaunus faktus un maina definīcijas. Bet nav iespējams strādāt, nedefinējot, par ko ir runa. Šajā rakstā mēs labi redzam stāvokli nozarē. I.V. 

Imprecise definitions can be useful

Precise definitions are important, but I concur with Bertrand Russell that

[You cannot] start with anything precise. You have to achieve such precision… as you go along.

Physicist Milan Ćirković agrees, and gives an example:

The formalization of knowledge — which includes giving precise definitions — usually comes at the end of the original research in a given field, not at the very beginning. A particularly illuminating example is the concept of number, which was properly defined in the modern sense only after the development of axiomatic set theory in the… twentieth century.3


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