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Reductionism and Unity in Science

One problem encountered when physicists talk to philosophers of science is that we are, to quote George Bernard Shaw out of context, divided by a common language. A prime example concerns the word “reductionism”, which means different things to the … Continue reading

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Biological and Machine Intelligence (BAMI) is a living book authored by Numenta researchers and engineers. Its purpose is to document Hierarchical Temporal Memory, a theoretical framework for both biological and machine intelligence. While there’s a lot more work to be … Continue reading

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A Savage Ecology: Peak Humanity, Extinction Events, and the Great Homogenization

We live in an age of one technical device, the digital computer, and it has a thousand faces. This is a sign of stagnation, not exponential innovation.How could this be? It is presumed that the exponential growth of processing power represents an exponential … Continue reading

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The real oil limits story; what other researchers missed

Virtually no one realizes that the economy is a self-organized networked system. There are many interconnections within the system. The real situation is that as prices rise, supply tends to rise as well, because new sources of production become available at … Continue reading

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Ментальная и эмоциональная манипуляция людьми Par Krievijas masu mēdijiem Par Krievijas (vai tikai?) masu mēdītājiem Электронная книга Мораль XXI века Тем не менее весь мир подвержен прямым или косвенным ментальным манипуляциям, цель которых – подчинить граждан чьим-то темным интересам. Людей убеждают, воздействуя на их подсознание: … Continue reading

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Which patients are easiest to operate on?

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