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As if we didn’t have enough things to worry about already, now we are being told to fear our toasters. A typical headline trumpets “The Effects of Invisible Waves.” We are increasingly exposed to electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, cell … Continue reading

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Why Both The Left and Right Really Want Trump To win

The political spectrum is more like a circle than a line with the extreme right and the extreme left meeting at a point. This perhaps explains why the left is so indifferent to a Trump win and keep arguing how … Continue reading

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Rietumvalstīs tiek uzsākta kampaņa cīņai ar skaidru naudu

Kampaņas pret skaidru naudu analīze parāda, ka tā ir labi koordinēta. Pēc finanšu krīzes 2007. – 2009.gadā pasaules banku sistēma strauji sāka tuvoties “negatīvai zonai”: daudzas centrālās bankas ieviesa negatīvas procentu likmes saviem depozītiem. Bet tagad dažās centrālajās bankās ir … Continue reading

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Dažas domas

Š.g. 16. jūlija žurnālā Ieva redaktore Inita Sila:  Kad es ieminos kaut ko par nāvi vai savām bēdām, apkārtējie tā kā novēršas, it kā es kaut ko nepiedienīgu runātu, jo to skaļi neapspriež. Nāve nez’ kāpēc ir kļuvusi par tabu … Continue reading

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Академический Рейтинг Университетов Мира

Академический рейтинг университетов мира (The Academic Ranking of World Universities , называется ARWU) впервые был опубликован в июне 2003 года Центром Исследования Университетов Мирового Класса (CWCU) Академии Высшего Образования (бывший Институт Высшего Образования) Шанхайского Университета Цзяо Тун, Китай, и обновляется … Continue reading

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ACCEPTING THE REALITY OF BIOLOGICAL EVOLUTION Color plate illustration of Actiniae showing various sea anemones, from Ernst Haeckel’s (1834–1919) Kunstformen der Natur (1904), plate/planche 49. [PUBLIC DOMAIN] The well-established fact of biological evolution is being increasingly and frantically denied in the USA by creationists, and … Continue reading

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HP Enterprise shows off a computer designed to emulate the human brain

The company has been showing off a prototype computer designed to emulate the way the brain makes calculations. It’s based on a new architecture that could define how future computers work.  The brain can be seen as an extremely power-efficient … Continue reading

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How your brain constructs reality

There are two sets of rules in accordance with which the information processing systems (IPS) create the notion of self and the models of external world. The first one is the rules the all IPS are subjected, they are some … Continue reading

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