How your brain constructs reality

There are two sets of rules in accordance with which the information processing systems (IPS) create the notion of self and the models of external world. The first one is the rules the all IPS are subjected, they are some axioms for the all IPS, the second – essentially human, our genetically inherited rules.

Common for all IPS are some basic axioms:

  1. All IPS are doomed to behavior corresponding to information inserted, accumulated or generated in IPS.
  2. If the IPS creates models of the external world (EWM) or models of self (IOW, if they are conscious, because consciousness is the model of the self), they are restricted to information received from their  sensors. This means, not the information corresponding to the real world, but the information from own sensors with their restrictions, see, for example,

To say simply, all IPS are doomed to create incomplete models of external world. IPS with exact EWM are impossible.

The essentially human restrictions are determined by our biological nature. The main source of problems are two parts of the brain: the limbic brain, the burden and gift of evolution, which gives us the flight and happiness, and the cortex, using logic and physical laws and makes possible our survival. Here are some important needs and driving tendencies making our behavior:

  1. Need for survival and reproduction. The byproduct and companion from this is the sex and the necessity for unrestricted life.
  2. Need for limbic closeness or love. Sex is also a byproduct for this trait.
  3. Need for life products and self-actualization, exceeding survival necessities. There are many byproducts created by our biological needs: love and hatred, myths and religions,  art and business, all our culture byproducts.

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Year 1935. Interests: Contemporary society problems, quality of life, happiness, understanding and changing ourselves - everything based on scientific evidence.
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