Why Both The Left and Right Really Want Trump To win

The political spectrum is more like a circle than a line with the extreme right and the extreme left meeting at a point. This perhaps explains why the left is so indifferent to a Trump win and keep arguing how bad Hillary is.
For political extremist the ends always justifies the means, and often the real ends desired are not as stated. Trump’s direct support from the extreme right and his somewhat less direct support from the extreme left is based, not on their perception of him as a problem solver, but rather as a destroyer of everything they hate.
Both left and right seek a total collapse of the system because they see this as a  required event to usher in their own particular Utopian vision. And as  we all know,. all Utopias are drenched in blood and Human Suffering. So for example, communists justified the murder of 20 million human beings, because they were seeking the ultimate good, a worker’s paradise where the state would  wither away, history would end and everything would be perfect. It was the reason that six million Jews were marched into the gas chambers and a bloody war was launched, because that was the only way to achieve an Aryan led new world order.To make the perfect omelet, you have to break eggs.
This same kind of thinking explains why Trump may actually win the election. Of course there are other factors. A highly motivated white male minority and their dutiful wives may show up to vote while minorities, young people and Hillary haters simply won’t bother to vote. But I think Michael Moore is right, Trump has a very good chance of winning this election.
Bob Zannell

About basicrulesoflife

Year 1935. Interests: Contemporary society problems, quality of life, happiness, understanding and changing ourselves - everything based on scientific evidence.
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